Past Recipients

2004 - Jocelyn LaRoche
2005 - Melanie Kidder
2006 - Amber Watson
2007 - Mikel Williams
2008 - Kyle Cook
2009 - Alex Wright
2010 - Levi Crozier

The Diane Ledder Scholarship Trust

Diane Ledder Grant was born on June 9, 1949. She graduated from Bellaire High School in the Class of 1968, and attended Ohio University. During her high school years, Diane was an active participant in all extra-curricular activities. She was gifted with artistic abilities, and she used this talent throughout her high school days for all school events and functions. In her senior year, Diane was a member of the Bellaire Homecoming Court. Following her graduation, she continued to be an ardent “Big Red” as a member and supporter of the Bellaire High School Alumni Association. 

In 1978, while traveling to Nebraska to attend her brother’s wedding, she met a man named Robert Benson Grant. Diane stole his heart, and they were married the following year. The young couple traveled around the world where Robert’s work took them, but Diane’s hometown of Bellaire, Ohio soon became a place that even her husband recognized as a special place. Diane not only stole Robert’s heart, but so did her alma mater Bellaire High School, and its “Big Reds”. The couple enjoyed the “homecomings”, and the festivities during the fall of each year as football season began anew.

Diane fell ill, and on March 3, 1993, she passed on ahead, and left her Robert behind. She was only 43. Robert was understandably in grief, but found solace in Bellaire, Diane’s alma mater and her many friends. Even after Diane’s death, he continued to attend games when his schedule would permit, and he became an active supporter of the Bellaire High School Alumni Association.

In 2001, the time for Robert’s grieving had finally come to an end. He too would be called to go on ahead, and once again be with his Diane. He passed from this world on January 3, 2001. In his last will and testament, he established a trust to benefit Diane’s alma mater and its students, by providing scholarships to graduates of BHS seeking to fund an education beyond high school. The responsibility for the administration of this trust passed to the BHS Endowment Fund in 2003, and is today known as the Diane Ledder Memorial Scholarship. 


Guidelines for the Ledder Award

The scholarship shall be a $2,500 annual award which may be renewed up to 4 years. The recipient must be enrolled and accepted to a secondary education institution in a program leading to not less than an Associates Degree. Payment is contingent upon and payable only after the recipient produces evidence of good standing as a full time (12 credit hours or its equivalent) student maintaining not less than a C average or a 2.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale at the end of their first quarter or semester of enrollment. Upon production of such evidence, the $2,500 scholarship award shall be paid to the institution for the credit of the student against tuition and fees. No funds for the award shall be paid to any person other than the institution.


The recipient of the scholarship shall be determined on the basis of financial need, grades, and input and recommendation of David Grant, Tom Ledder, and Kathy Wallace (original will trustees) or other designee as well as all factors presented on the application of the student.


This scholarship award shall be available only to those graduating seniors who have made application for the same through the Bellaire High School Guidance Office on or before the date designated and dictated by that office not later than March 1 in the year of graduation. Download the full guidelines HERE.

Remembering Diane Ledder

You can remember Diane Ledder by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Scholarship Fund. Your contributions will help to preserve the memory of the woman, and assist the Endowment Fund in furthering his goal of providing financial aid to needy graduates of BHS.

  • Application


    You can read the complete guidelines for this grant to see if you are eligible. The guidelines are in Adobe PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to be able to view the guidelines.

    View the application by clicking here.

2010 Recipient

  • Levi Crozier