How can I support the BHS Endowment Fund?

You can help to support the BHS Endowment Fund in several ways. First, by becoming a dues-paying member of the Bellaire High School Alumni Association, you are keeping in touch with us so we can keep in touch with you. Memorial contributions to existing scholarships and programs sponsored are always welcome, and your contribution is fully tax deductible. The BHS Endowment Fund is a tax exempt organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, and therefore, even generous gifts used to fund new scholarships, or to enhance curriculum and extra-curricular activities gets beneficial tax treatment for you while helping your Alma Mater.


As a non-profit corporation, the BHS Endowment Fund can accept gifts of all kinds. Life Insurance policies, Stocks, Bonds, Patents, Copyrights and any other form of gift can be transferred to the Fund for use as you direct. As just one example of an intangible gift, the donation of the copyright of An American Railroad Portrait: People, Places and Pultney and Honoring Our Father: A Bicentennial Tribute to Colonel John Hamm Sullivan has generated more than $25,000.00 to be used for curriculum development as directed by the author. The Fund currently holds a portfolio of stocks and holds an interest in real estate. The Board of Trustees has capable and competent members to oversee these investments, and who bring to the board their legal, tax, and accounting skills.


Remember your Alma Mater Bellaire High School when planning your estate or drawing your will. Help to perpetuate for today’s students the life that you remember during your days at BHS. If you desire to fund a scholarship, provide funding for an extra-curricular activity, or assist in funding curriculum at BHS, please contact the Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund at P.O. Box 75, Bellaire, Ohio 43906. If you want to learn more about establishing a scholarship fund, or want to help enhance the curriculum at Bellaire High School, or want to ensure that the extra-curricular activities available to the student body are maintained, we want to hear from you!!!