Past Recipients

1990 - Jennifer Bleen
1991 - Krissy Kennedy
1992 - Heather Allen
1993 - Crissie Leonard
1994 - Nick Marinelli
1995 - Ronita Marple
1996 - Rich Mamie
1997 - None Awarded
1998 - Amanda Whitecotton
1999 - Chad DeLong
2000 - Rachel Leiffer
2001 - Bobbie Jo Hibbitts
2002 - Jesse Rhodes
2003 - Sean Kennedy
2004 - Chelsey Taylor
2005 - Katie Shockey
2006 - Audra Frizzi
2007 - Jessi Boston
2008 - Aaron Porter
2009 - Shelby Foster
2010 - Kayla Conner

The Richard Bonar Memorial Scholarship

This Memorial Scholarship is awarded in memory of a 1973 graduate of BHS. Richard C. Bonar attended grade school at Rose Hill Elementary and graduated from Bellaire High School in 1973. Upon his graduation, he was awarded the Alumni Association's Senior Service Award for his service to Bellaire High School. Richard attended the Belmont Technical College and received his Associates Degree in Accounting in 1975. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in business administration in 1977 from West Liberty State College. He was employed at J.C. Penney, and became the Merchandise Manager of the department store at the Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsville, Ohio.

Richard had great interest in athletic competition, and was a fan of Pittsburgh Pirate baseball and Cleveland Browns football. He followed the football program at Ohio State University. His interest in sports was devoted to a keen sense of the strategy of the game. Not surprising, he was also interested in the game of chess and the strategy of how to outwit your opponent. He enjoyed trivia, and was a knowledgeable home spectator of television quiz shows. He was also a Ham Radio operator and a member of the local Ham Radio Operator's Association. Despite work and his schedule, he found time to participate in bowling, golf, tennis and photography.

Richard C. Bonar died in 1989 at the age of 34 after a long and difficult battle with cancer. Although his last days were physically difficult, he set out directions for a scholarship fund. These directives were then placed in his Last Will and Testament for the establishment of a scholarship fund for senior students whose family income might prevent them from seeking a higher education after graduation from BHS. This Memorial Scholarship Award is given in his memory.

Guidelines for the Bonar Award

This scholarship is $1000.00 payable in two separate $500.00 installments over two consecutive school years. To be eligible for the award, a graduating senior's family income must be less than that published by the State of Ohio as the average state family income for the preceding school year. Of those students who are eligible, the student with the highest cumulative GPA while attending BHS is given the award. In the event that two or more students have identical cumulative GPA's, the award is given to the student with the lowest family income. Applications for the award are maintained in the Bellaire High School Guidance Office. All applicants for the award must submit them in completed form to the Guidance Office not later than March 1 to be considered for the Award to be made in May at the Bellaire High School Awards Assembly. Download the full guidelines HERE.

Remembering Richard C. Bonar

You can remember Richard C. Bonar by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Scholarship Fund which he helped to create. Your contributions will help to preserve the memory of this young man, and assist the Endowment Fund in furthering his goal of providing financial aid to needy graduates of BHS.

2010 Recipient