BHS Endowment Fund

The official Web-Site of the BHS Endowment Fund, a non-profit corporation supporting Bellaire High School and its student body through scholarships, curriculum development, and extra-curricular enhancements.

What is the BHS Endowment Fund?

The BHS ENDOWMENT FUND is an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation that was established in 1985 by the Board of Trustees of The Bellaire High School Alumni Association. Although it is a separate organization, both the Endowment Fund and the Alumni Association work closely together to achieve allied but different goals.


The Alumni Association is primarily concerned with organizing social activities for the Alumni of Bellaire High School such as the Annual Spring Banquet, the Annual Homecoming festivities, and other yearly social events. The Alumni Association maintains all records pertaining to who is an Alumnus of BHS, and it corresponds with those dues-paying members of the Association with a semi-annual newsletter. The Alumni Association also assists in reunion planning, and raising funds for specific short term projects such as the Auditorium and Clock Tower renovations.


The BHS ENDOWMENT FUND was created by the Alumni Association to meet another very important goal......that of providing long term financial planning through scholarship funds to students, enhancements to the extra-curricular activities at BHS, and developing curriculum that enhances educational opportunities at BHS. These long range goals require funding, and it is the Endowment Fund that plans and attempts to meet them.


The ENDOWMENT FUND is governed by a Board of Trustees like the Alumni Association, but the boards are separate. The Board consists of eight (8) members, seven (7) of which are Past-Presidents of the Alumni Association. The ninth member is the Superintendent of Schools, or their designate, who sit with the other Alumni oriented trustees on the BHS ENDOWMENT FUND Board.


Those currently serving are:


  • Ron Marling, Chairman
  • Stephanie Mendleson, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kathy Wallace
  • Chris Arno
  • Joanne Wise
  • Darren Jenkins, Superintendent